Tuesday, January 3, 2012


My birthday party which was meant to be celebrated in Semporna yesterday was unfortunately called off due to the heavy rain which was a bit disappointing.

We originally planned to go to Tampi Tampi Holiday Resort but the weather was not on our side. When we reached at the resort area, heavy rain began to pour and causing the atmosphere to cool.  I had never been there before and found it very interesting, though we didn't have enough time to look at everything.  The most interesting thing was watching the speedboats driven by the locals in between the rain and the roar if the sea.   I loved sitting there, it was so calm, peaceful, and breathtakingly beautiful.

Finally…after waiting for about half an hour and there was no sign that the rain was going to stop…we decided to return back to Tawau. We stopped at a restaurant… ordered a hot drinks before continuing the trip to a nearby mosque to pray Zuhr. After the Zuhr prayer we continued our trip and the it drizzled all the way back to Tawau.

It was almost 2.30pm when we reached Tawau and found a picnis spot at Batu Payung. It was deserted coz most of the picnickers had all gone home.  Since all of us, except Along, didn’t take breakfast, within minutes all the picnic lunch was ready and all of us enjoyed our lunch before going by the sea side…and some were swimming.

Oh what a surprised! There was a birthday cake for me! Thank you son and Liza and everybody…especially my sisters, my nieces and nephews…and my grandson, grand daughter and my GREAT grandson…Fizul!

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