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Benarkah Bumi Akan Bergelap Pada 23, 24 dan 25 Disember 2012?

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Pihak NASA menjangkakan akan berlaku fenomena bumi akan gelap selama 3 hari iaitu bermula pada 23, 24 dan 25 Disember 2012. Apakah ini satu bencana atau anugerah? Entah benar atau ke tidak hanyalah jangkaan manusia sahaja.
Benarkah Bumi Akan Bergelap Pada 23, 24 dan 25 Disember 2012?
Para Saintis NASA menjangkakan perubahan alam semesta dengan kegelapan penuh pada bumi selama 3 hari bermula pada 23 Disember 2012 bukanlah akan berakhirnya usia  dunia, tapi ini adalah “Penyejajaran Alam Semesta“, di mana matahari dan bumi akan berada pada satu garis lurus untuk pertama kalinya. Bumi akan bertukar tempat dari dimensi ke 3 ke dimensi 0, lalu bertukar lagi ke dimensi ke 4.
Semasa proses pertukaran ini, seluruh alam akan menghadapi perubahan besar, dan kita akan melihat dunia yang baru (Dark of the Earth). Dunia gelap tanpa sinar, tanpa cahaya matahari.
Semasa kejadian ini berlaku, bersedialah, ketenangan amatlah diperlukan, saling berhubung antara satu sama lain, berdoa, dan terus berdoa. Beristirehatlah di rumah selama 3 hari tu
Banyak perbahasan tentang apa yang akan terjadi 3 hari tersebut tapi ramai yang tidak percaya. Gini je lah!, kita tunggu dan lihat je lah nanti pada 23, 24 dan 24 Disember 2012 tu, ni hanyalah jangkaan atau ramalan manusia je, tak pasti. Tapi kalau benar-benar terjadi, sekurang-kurang kita dah tahu dan bersedia menghadapi dunia baru selama 3 hari tu nanti.
Hanya Allah yang Maha Mengetahui segalanya, wallahu ‘alam…Assalamualaikum…


Go eco-friendly with Asiatic’s Sipadan Mangrove Resort

A completely eco-friendly resort in development that promises the absolute usage of natural resources and encourages biodiversity is on its way to welcome tourists to Sabah.

Little known to most, the Sipadan Islands of Sabah has one of the most magnificent views and amazing diving sites. More popular and niche to scuba divers for the exquisite diving sites, Sipadan Mangrove Resort now hopes to tap on eco-tourists with their new development.
An absolute eco-integrated resort, Sipadan Mangrove Resort is located along the coastal area between Tawau and Semporna, 30 minutes away from Sipadan Island and Mabul Island via sea. Protected by 10 thousand acres of natural mangroves on all sides, the waterfront along Sungai Kalumpang of the resort faces an all-natural mangrove island. Panning 1000 acres in total, its main feature is the eco-friendly resources and mega biodiversity.

With chalets built by natural materials such as wood, nipah, leaves etc., guests have a choice between four kinds of eco-friendly villas to reside in – Mangrove Villa, Lake Villa, River Villa, as well as Floating Villa. As the names itself are explanatory, guests can indulge in the different natural environments wherever they choose to stay.

Other amenities include a dining hall, restaurants, lounges and bars. The resort also offers fresh seafood from daily catch and meals are sourced from the produce of aquaculture and organic farms owned and cultured by the resort themselves. Guests can choose to dine at the riverfront restaurant, which can accommodate up to 100 guests at one time, to experience a magnificent natural view of the Mangrove Island and Sungai Kalumpang.

The resort also encourages eco-themed activities to bask in the biodiversity of the Malaysian wetlands. Walk down the Mangrove Boardwalk and Trails that leads into the mangrove island, or go on a House-Boat River Cruise to spot wildlife at its finest. Explore the flora and fauna at Nature Watch Shelters and Towers, or go on an organized trip for Marine Wildlife Watch to learn more about marine wildlife such as whalesharks. Plans have also been laid out to build a monkey sanctuary for tourists to learn more about the proboscis monkeys.
Aspiring divers can also try out the Diving Academy. For those who are not at Sipadan Islands for the diving, take the boat shuttle out to the islands to sightsee, or waddle in the mangrove-themed swimming pool. Of course, divers and fishermen can also request for special trips out to the islands.
For families, do bring your children out to educational visits to the aquaculture and organic farm to earn more about how these eco-friendly organic farms operate.
Not to fret if one is not a fan of the mangroves, two of Asiatic's eco-friendly resorts are also nearby. Different modes of transport are available such as seaplanes, helicopters and eco-friendly ‘silent' boats to take you from one resort to another.

As the number of tourists to the islands is restricted to 120 guests per day at the moment, Sipadan Mangrove Resort is hoping to bring in more tourists to explore and experience the biodiversity of Sabah with the development of the resort arena.  Soon a desired holiday destination for eco-tourists, it is one of the resorts in the world that stand by using only sustainable and recycled materials, as well as conservation and renewable energy such as the use of bio-mass gastification, wind turbines etc. Preservation of the mangroves is also made sure by building around the mangroves instead of destroying the natural surroundings.
Guests who fall in love with Sipadan islands can also have a choice to retire in a weekend home in the resort, with family and loved ones. Sipadan Mangrove Resorts is slated to open Phase One to public this September 2012.

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