Saturday, August 21, 2010

You can't always be a Winner. Sometimes you have to lose to become something great

Friendship is not important with whom you have it…

Friendship is how deep you have it,

Friendship is not how much you know….

Friendship is… how much you care,

Friendship is not how much you make happy…

Friendship is… how much you share sorrows,

Friendship is not how many times you reach out your hand…

Friendship is… how many times you touch the heart,

Friendship is not how precious a gift you give…

Friendship is… how much sensitive things you offer,

Friendship is not an achievement…

Friendship is… one beyond our destination,

Friendship is not just sharing the joy…

Friendship is… the love in sharing the tears.

Long live our Friendship…..a never ending one…

To YOU we be Friends - forever..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want you to know;

I am searching for that kind of Friendship,

Money can't buy love. Love is true and real and trusting.

Because it does my heart and soul good to know that you are on my side.

I need your Friendship,

I may not know you in the flesh your magnetism from your photo pulls me ever so deeply,

I am not seeking money, I'm no floozy, user, liar or thief.

I seek not to hurt but to heal my aching heart.

Beauty is only skin deep and money is no object.

I am just want to be a Friend!

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