Tuesday, August 24, 2010



Come, listen, sit close to me.

I would have loved so much to tell you stories. To make you forget or to remind you. Stories of women and men who are searching, who are wounded, who are lost. Who find their quest.

I’m asking you, come sit down.

Look in the distance, in my direction. Over there, far away. Do you see the sun ? Could you guess the rain of its rays offering up so much warmth without ever drying up the tears ? Teach me. Teach me to teach you .

I am asking you.

Don’t say anything. You don’t need to say anything. Say to me. Your silence, your glance, your light. Is it true ? He speaks to you ? Do you hear Him ? Do you see His signs ? Do you understand them ? Always ? You see, my questions speak for you. I like your answers. I like your presence. You speak of me to Him, don’t you ? You pray ? For me ?
Come close, please.

I am learning, you know. Appearances can be misleading. Really. Really, really ! Do you remember the hermit who came back to the source of his quest ? Am I already on my way ? Are you on my road ? Tell me...do you have a way, a path, a road, a track ? Do you hear me ?

There, come very very close.

You are a gift. So beautiful a gift. A sign. On my path. Look over there, look at me. Are we two ? We are two, we are to God. I told you a story; I spoke to you about the sun, of its warmth. I spoke to you about love. I am learning. It is difficult. You are there, I like your presence. Please, look over there, in the distance.

Come close, listen to me.

I love you.

Don’t ever forget!

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