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Rasanya masih belum terlambat untuk mengucapkan Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan kepada semua umat Islam di seluruh dunia terutama sekali kepada seluruh kaum keluarga dan sahabat handai yang dekat dan yang jauh.

Alhamdulilah kita diberi kesempatan untuk menjalankan lagi ibadah puasa di bulan yang mulia ini dan semoga kita semua dapat menagambil kesempatan untuk meningkatkan lagi amal ibadah kita di sepanjang bulan yang mulia ini. Disamping menjalankan ibadah puasa, kita juga dapat melalukan ibadah sunat tyang lain iaitu bertarawih, bertadarus Al-Quran, Qiamullail dana sebagainya.  Diharap ibadah-ibadah ini akan menjadikan kita seorang insan yang lebih baik di dunia dan di akhirat dan semoga segala amal ibadah kita di bulan yang mulia ini diterima oleh Allah SWT. Amin!


It is as a guest, who you may welcome with the apparent and due civilities, with the sincere pleasure as you receive a visit or with the profound joy of the reception and the renewed reunion.

It is a month during which you may be able to deprive yourself from eating and drinking at the surface of your body’s needs. You may be able as well to share with your sisters and brothers the fraternal atmosphere of this month... You may be able, more profoundly, to invite your behaviour, your conscience and your heart altogether to fast during this month.

Close to the Quran’s light, its words and inspirations, you must experience the rupture. To serve the human beings, the poor people... To awake your conscience in the proximity of the wounds and the injustices people face... To move away from your heart your bad thoughts, to distance yourself from the darkest dimensions of your being... your violence, your jealousies, your superficialities.

Invite this month as you invite your most precious friend, give it the welcoming of the lovers whose behaviour changes in the presence of the beloved, who beautify themselves for him, make themselves kind and nice, who offer and offer themselves without counting. Whose gestures are smiles and whose words are prayers.

This month is your blessed guest... and the guests very soon know and feel which place they have in their host’s heart. The month of Ramadan is Light, Bounty, Love at your door... and that has no price.

Allow your guest to enter in the most precious dwelling of your heart and honour it every day by offering your memory, your generosity, your sisterhood, your brotherhood and your love. It is the best gift you can offer to your blessed guest... it is the way for your to invite, beside you, the Absolute Generous, The Most Close.

Blessed Ramadan. Your guest is your host, may you respond to its invitation with the meditation it expects.

May the One accept your fast, your love, your generosity.

With tenderness, and love...

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