Monday, August 15, 2011


We often heard people say............“I love the place I work, I just hate the people in charge…”

So many people go to work every day miserable because they hate their boss. When one considers that the average person spends more time at work than they do with their friends and family (not counting the time we spend sleeping at least), it makes perfect sense that when someone is angry or frustrated at work, the boss is often the first person blamed. People get so frustrated and angry with their boss, and blame so many of their problems on them, that they are pushed to commit violent acts. People are literally driven insane by their bosses.

I used to work in a department that its best not to mention the name. A very heavily unionized workplace where there was a daily struggle between management and the workforce. Any sort of change that our boss would try to implement would be fought tooth and nail by the staff, until either the boss would give up, or the staff would get fed up and leave the department. What I found most ironic about the situation that I worked in was that both sides were so focused on butting heads, and trying to one-up each other, that they would never actually get anything done....... all because of the preconceived notion that our boss was the enemy.

And now.....i work with two cute collegues in a place which some of my friends called áquarium.... I’ve enjoyed and will cherish every single moment of it, especially the laughter inside our happy “aquarium”  Thank you my dear friends for all the support, guidance and experience through out the years we work together......and the most of all.....our bosses are not our enemies!

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