Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Ingredients :

2 cup rice
water for cooking congee 3 liter (more or less)
1 piece chicken breast
Average amount of chicken bones - for stock
1 carrot - sliced into smaller piece
small piece of ginger - smashed

Seasoning :

sesame oil
light soy sauce
some dark soy sauce - for color
***(adjust the seasoning to taste)
some green onion for garnishing

  • Wash & clean the chicken bones from fat & chicken blood.
  • When the water boiling add in the chicken breast & chicken bones for chicken stock (approx: 15-20mins)
  • Remove the cooked chicken breast & chicken bones from the stock.
  • Wash the rice & add into the chicken stock. Add in sliced carrots, scallops, "dong cai" & smashed ginger.
  • Increased the heat & bring the congee to boil (approx: 30mins)
  • When the congee starts to thicken. Lower the heat & continue cook till all the rice breaks & turn soft (*time depend on the congee texture preferred)
  • Season the congee to taste.
  • Serve warm with shredded chicken meat floss (*from the cooked chicken breast) & some green onions.


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