Wednesday, February 15, 2012


When our paths cross created memories that will remain forever in my mind and heart. The decades of not seeing and talking to each other is not enough to diminish the lasting friendship that binds us together. We failed to communicate in a meaningful and ordinary way, but who cares? The language of friendship isn't words but meanings.

We both have our own life now, whether by destiny, desire or accident. It is the vocation that we both choose to have. I'm sure you don't regret it and very much happy with it. This I believe is my final goodbye; we both have to learn to face the reality of being with someone else. Maybe, you have done it already. Maybe, I'm the only one trying to hang on. But, what ever the case, rest assured that you will always occupy a special place in my heart.

I don't know the reason why it didn't work out for us. Maybe the timing is wrong or the needs didn't match. Perhaps the mistake is mine. Maybe I was too young to realize that we are meant for each other. Some might argue that it didn't work because I'm not the perfect woman for you. Others might also say that you are not the perfect man for me. But the real question is whether we are perfect for each other.

Too many unanswered questions that will soon become just a part of our life long reflection. Perhaps the answer is still yet to come. Maybe, there's no answer at all. Only Allah knows what lay up ahead for us. Maybe there's another cross road in our life where we will meet again. Perhaps that time, we will decide to choose the same path to travel. Perhaps, that time, we will be together once again in our journey in life.

I hope, IF it will never happen in this life time, we will be together in our next life.

Good luck and best regards.

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