Friday, September 17, 2010


"A person who commit a sin, yet asked for a sincere apology doesn't need to explain further; for GOD look not with what you have done wrong, but with the sincerity of your Faith."

A lot of times, we look at other people mostly by what they do, and not by what they are. More often, we noticed mostly to what they do wrongly, judging them by what we have seen negative from them. That is really a wrong realization. Before we say something to others, we must take a look at ourself first:

- do you really think that you're better than the person you are judging with?

- didn't you realize that you also commit sins and other negative things in your daily activity?

- we all live under the same sky, yet we're all above the same sea; that we serve as the horizon between the sky and sea, and that explains equality.

- rich or poor, young or old, man or woman; we are all the same being- Human, who commit sins.

"Know Thyself", that is a very interesting quote. Simple yet meaningful, that we may apply to what we do in what we have in life. We must know ourselves first, before knowing the lives of others. It's hard to say what you see wrong to other people and help them correct it, when you yourself can't correct your own mistakes.

It's just simple, when your commit mistake, just ask for forgiveness and forgive others for what they have done wrong unto you. Forgiveness that came from the bottom of your heart, with sincerity and the willingness not to repeat same mistake anymore.

" My GOD, I pray and ask for forgiveness for what I have done wrong and please  forgive those who sinned against me. Please help me to resist the temptations around me. Please help me to do more good things to others, and I do hope that there will be more people who continue doing good things to others."

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