Monday, July 25, 2011

Preparing For Ramadhan

This is an advice that we need because we have a noble, honourable guest coming. Our grand guest is the blessed month of Ramadaan. We need to magnify the symbol of Allaah.
Jabir Ibn 3Abdillaah was reported to have said: “Do not allow the days that you eat be the same as your fasting days, do not make them equal.”
In order to make our Ramadaan different, as it was meant to be, we have to set the stage to welcome Ramadaan. We must have moments of truce/tranquility, we need moments of truce/time off, a break. We need a BREAK from the following:
1. We need to take a break from all sins:
We must be super cautious to cut off sinning in Ramadaan. In Ramadaan, all causes of sin are weaken – the devils are chained, most Muslims around us are involved in good deeds. Masaajid  are full, more people read Qur’aan.
Also your fasting weakens the effect of shaytaan/Qareen flowing in your blood.
2) A Break from Unnecessary discussions & Arguments at home:
If any discussion comes up, decide if you can talk about it after Ramadaan. Try to find a solution to family problems & put it at rest. Don’t allow the problem to stop your Eemaan from growing in Ramadaan.
Set up the atmosphere of love & closeness in Ramadaan, to make it easy for us & people around us to focus on Ramadaan. Have a meeting with your family members to talk about Ramadaan & discuss the principles/plan to be followed in Ramadaan.
(e.g., no TV atleast for Ramadaan, not even for news, no music in car/house, no staying up late at night except for 3Ibaadah, no computer/video games).
3) A Break from too much Food:
Ramadaan is not a month of eating. Be simple when it comes to food. Eating too much makes a person lazy & sleepy. Take a break from too much cooking. Try to cook something simple during Ramadaan. Pre-cook some food & freeze it before Ramadaan. Find out some short cut & tips to prepare the food quickly.
4) A Break from Talking:
Minimize your chat on the telephone. Don’t linger in masaajid to chat. Avoid long conversations as it tend to slip into talking something inappropriate. Use the phone minimally.
Know that every word that comes out of our mouth is either a reward for us or a punishment for us. The prophet sallalaahu 3alayhi wassalam said:”Whoever remains silent is saved.”
Allaah has created one tongue & two ears for a reason: talk less, listen more!
5) A Break from your Beds:
Sleep is a na3mah from Allaah, but Ramadaan is not the time for sleeping. Let your bed rest for a month. Don’t sleep more than 4-5 hours at night (advice of the shaykh). Have qayloolah/nap between Dhur & 3Asr time, as naturally person feels sleepy/lazy during this time.
One of the salaf once stopped by a friend’s house late at night in Ramadaan. He found his friend sleeping. His friend asked him: “what are you doing here at this time of the night?” The Salaf said: “What are you doing sleeping at this time of the night in Ramadaan!”
Have a sincere friend who has a high level of motivation & determination who can help, remind, share & compete with you in good deeds.
6) A Break from People:
If you mix with people, let it be short with those who are strong on ibaadah. They can bring you closer to Allaah. Iftaar parties in ramadaan are getting very common. We have the rest of the full year to do parties & to socialize. Indeed it’s a great reward to break someone’s fast but give food to people who are needy & poor.
7) Peace with Friends/co-workers & Maintaining Family Ties:
Don’t enter Ramadaan with hatred for anybody or allow anyone to have negative feelings on you. Clear/clean yourself from any hatred & negative thoughts. Forgive others & forget.
Bring love & happiness to people close to you (e.g., give gifts, make them happy with you). You should feel nobody hate you, nobody has problems with you. If they still have animosity with you, then leave/ignore it.
We are trying our best to rectify the situation before Ramadaan to devote our heart & mind to Allaah in Ramadaan.
8 ) A Break from Running Around & Long Hours outside the House:
Get all your shopping done before Ramadaan. Make a list of the things/grocery/ items, that is enough for one month & buy it all together, so in Ramadaan you just go out quickly to buy fresh things or get a home delivery to minimize shopping time.
Get your 3Eid things/shopping done before Ramadaan.
9) Give your Mind & Heart a Break from Worldly Things:
Don’t worry about so & so problems, don’t worry about the Eid. The big thing is Ramadaan, because we celebrate theEid for what we have done/accomplished in Ramadaan.
Give your mind & heart break from thinking about worldly/duniya things.
  • Preoccupy your mind in 3Ibaadah & focus on the Hereafter.
  • Think of new deed you want to do today
  • Think how to have more khushoo.
  • Think of ways you can help & serve other Muslims in Ramadaan.
10) Take a Break from Withholding:
Give lots of charity/Sadaqah in Ramadaan. The prophet sallAllaahu 3alayhi wa ssallam used to be super generous in Ramadaan.
Give, Give and GIVE.
Give in secret as much as possible.

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